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World Record


Christos Angelopoulos was born in Manari, Arcadia and studied hairdressing for the first time in Tripoli. He continued in Athens and before he turned 20 he received a scholarship to the International Academy of Hairdressing in Lausanne, Switzerland. In the following years he will be trained in Paris and Milan.

In 1974, the first salon for men in Athens opens, at 96 Aristotelous Street, near Victoria Square. This store will go down in history, since two years later, on June 26, 1976, Christos Angelopoulos will break the World Haircut Record and make it Greek.

Angelopoulos cut, combed and groomed, day and night, without interruption 274 clients in 97 hours and 15 minutes.

His effort were watched by the public with emotion and anxiety, as the Greek newspapers and the only two existing at the time television channels broadcast every detail from hour to hour.

In the news bulletins and in their publications the international television network Vies News that interviewed him and filmed scenes from his effort and broadcast it on 80 channels around the world, when Christos Angelopoulos broke the record, which until then was held by the Italian hairdresser Pino Amato.

The record of Christos Angelopoulos was recorded by the World Press and broadcasted by the International news agency Associated Press with his photo.

The record is also included in the book of the strangest records in the world, the famous Guinness Book of Records.

The world record opened new horizons in the career of the hairdresser from Arcadia.