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Nanocure Angeldust Keratin Diamond

ANGEL DUST is the name of the new generation of keratin by NANOCURE KERATIN enriched with real diamond!

You combine the well-known precious stone with keratin nanoparticles, giving results beyond all expectations.

Diamonds with 10 degrees of hardness on the Mohs scale and IF clarity (internally flawless) after their special treatment and transformation into nano particles enrich keratin and other ingredients such as argan oil and extracts  plants to give a rich nutrition. Key features of  angel dust is the restoration of hair integrity  with proteins that penetrate the cortex and strengthen the core while polishing with diamonds acts as a shield on her skin  protecting it from further damage. Intensity in shine, anti-frizz and easy-to-comb long-lasting hair.

The formula of ANGEL DUST is designed for all types of hair and highlights the color by offering protection, smoothing, improvement of the appearance and texture of unruly hair and not only while it significantly facilitates daily styling”

Hair as durable as diamonds

Angeldust is the new high-quality keratin with diamond dust, a completely unique technology for straight, shiny and durable hair like diamonds. Precious stones combined with keratin nanoparticles guarantee spectacular results beyond all expectations.

Instructions for Use

  • 1. Wash hair twice with Keratin Nanocure Pre-Nano Shampoo, rinse and towel dry (do not use conditioner).
  • 2. Separate the hair carefully into thin tufts using hair clips.
  • 3. Shake the product well before use, wear gloves and use in a well-ventilated area.
  • 4. Apply the Angeldust treatment to small sections (avoiding the scalp) and backcomb the ends. Continue throughout the hair. Please note that using more product will NOT straighten the hair, but will create unwanted smoke and fumes. 5. Then wrap the hair with a film and wait for 30 minutes.
  • 5. Go through the hair 4 to 7 times with a straightening iron at a temperature of 185 °C (fine hair), 200 °C (medium hair) or 230 °C (unruly hair). Be careful not to injure the hair with high temperature or many repetitions.
  • 6. After 48 to 72 hours, wash hair with Keratin Nanocure Smooth Shampoo and finish with Keratin Nanocure Smooth Conditioner.

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