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New Keratin Nanocure Hybrid Lisse

New 4 in 1 Hybrid Straightening Keratin Nanocure Hybrid Lisse

The first hybrid straightening keratin that combines keratin technology with herbal straightening and offers better results than any other straightening treatment. The Ultimate Straightening Treatment with intense shine and softness, which at the same time repairs chronic damage from technical work.

Keratin Nanocure Hybrid Lisse

The new innovative hybrid composition of Keratin Nanocure® Hybrid Lisse includes keratin amino acids, hydrolyzed collagen, whey protein, a mixture of special oils and vitamin E which covers all the needs for reconstruction, nourishment and hydration in a single service, while its anti-yellow formula neutralizes all unwanted shades.

  • ✅ Hybrid straightening treatment with acid and keratin technology.
  • ✅ It is herbal.
  • ✅ No odors or fumes.
  • ✅ Allows hair coloring on the same day.
  • ✅ There is no waiting for the first wash.
  • ✅ It is not affected by chlorine or salt.
  • ✅ It reacts to the disulfide bonds with reconstructive and moisturizing properties, while at the same time forming a protective microfilm on the outer cortex of the hair.
  • ✅ Smoothing, Reconstruction, Nourishment, Hydration.
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Keratin Nanocure Hybrid Lisse
Keratin Nanocure Hybrid Lisse

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  • Natural hair: wash two or three hands with cleansing shampoo and leave for 5 to 10 minutes to open the scales.
  • Hair with techniques: wash with neutral pH shampoo what we have in the shower, two hands, without waiting put on a moisturizing mask and comb it.
  • On the hair with color techniques and on the very light shades we will also apply conditioner and after rinsing we go to the work chair.
      • 1. Depending on how straight we want the hair, we pull the moisture from 70% if we want it lighter to 100% if we want it as straight as possible.
      • 2. We pass the product tuft by tuft half a point from the root, comb with a hairspray and when we have completed the whole head we gather the hair high, wrap it with a film and wait for an hour at a temperature.
      • 3. After the one hour wait, comb the hair down very well to stretch it and blow it with cold air with the hair dryer until it is tight.
      • 4. Then, we adjust the water in the shower from cool to cold, put the hair in and rinse, unclogging the roots, until the water starts to come out transparent, that's where we stop.
      • 5. We go to the work chair and sweep the hair, dry it 100% downwards and divide the head into three sections to complete the service by straightening with the press in fine tufts with constant pressure, and constant slow speed of the press on the hair. Always the lisuar in front of the press. We emphasize closing and polishing the edges.
        • SOS:In all applications of Qiqi Vega and Hybrid treatments, we recommend that when washing, which is done 10 minutes after completing the service, a Qiqi mask should be used, leaving it on the hair for at least 10 minutes. Then we rinse the hair, use conditioner, which we also rinse and go to the work chair, dry the hair and deliver the result.

          If the hair is particularly damaged by color techniques, then to make the effect of the mask on the hair even more effective, mix 30ml of qiqi mask with 10 to 15ml of 10% volume oxygen, apply it to the hair, comb it, collect the hair high and wrap with film and let 10 to 15 minutes pass. Then we rinse the hair, use conditioner and when it dries we will see that the damage has been completely restored.

          This particular technique also consists of hair that has not been applied the specific treatments but we want to restore the damage. In this particular way we achieve it to an incredible extent!