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Nanocure Keratin Milk Protein Supreme

Nanocure Keratin Milk Protein Supreme

Give your hair the opportunity to have the first say in your appearance!

The Angelopoulos Hair Company has pushed the boundaries, once again innovating smoothing treatments. In collaboration with Keratin Nanocure, after long-term studies and tests, we created a NEW formula, Milk Protein Supreme, and the impossible is now a reality! Your hair is enriched with a complex of proteins able to offer you unique shine, strength and durability, while at the same time eliminating frizz, giving a high percentage of straightening.

The Properties of keratin

Keratin Nanocure Milk Protein Supreme is the first keratin treatment to use hydrolyzed milk proteins as well as amino acid technology.

The enrichment of these elements provides properties to the hair such as:

  • Dazzling shine,
  • Smoothness and revitalization.
  • The high percentage of keratin nanomolecules results in better penetration into the hair cortex.
  • Milk Protein acts as a shield for your hair and protects against UV radiation thanks to its protein coating.

This new technology is derived from 100% natural ingredients and provides powerful smoothing, silky softness and straight healthy hair without frizz extending the results for a longer period of time


We wash the hair with the special shampoo to prepare the hair to receive the treatment. 2 or 3 times depending on the porosity of the hair and leave it to open its outer casing.

Dab the hair very well with a towel. We put about 10 ml of product in our hands and spread it on the hair to comb it without suffering damage but also to lock in the necessary percentage of moisture. After combing again, dab to collect the water that will run down the ends after combing. We divide the head into three and start to apply the product in thick tufts, massaging each tuft to penetrate the product into the hair. With the lisuar we comb and collect the excess material. After completing the passage over the entire head, gather the hair at the top of the head and wrap with a film. Leave for 25 minutes.

Remove the film and dry 100% with the temperature on the medium setting of the hair dryer. Then, we divide the head into three again. We adjust the temperature in our press from 180˚ C to 210˚ C depending on the thickness and the techniques we have diagnosed. The tufts we separate are 1 cm thick and we make slow passes until the product is polymerized and the desired smoothness, the unique shine, and the desired straightening occur.



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