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Angelopoulos Hair Company
«Hairdressing is an art, and art is passion...»
Nikolas Angelopoulos - Owner of Angelopoulos Hair Company

About us

The above words of Nikolas Angelopoulos can describe what we have been offering generously to our customers for over 40 years, as we help them express their style, based not only on the requirements of fashion, but also on the personality of each of our customers separately

Angelopoulos Hair Company
Nikolas and Ioannis Angelopoulos

The Story

In 1976 Christos Angelopoulos broke the world haircut record, putting his name in the Guinness Book and his stamp on the later development of Angelopoulos Hair Company.

Their sons Nikolas and Ioannis take over from their already renowned parents, and continue their legacy, studying in schools abroad and gaining several years of experience in the largest hair salons in England as employees.

Their return to Greece is accompanied by the creation of their first store in Kifissia in 1997, where the headquarters are located today, and the springboard for its subsequent development.

On June 26, 1976, Christos Angelopoulos broke the World Haircut Record.

The Company

The constant contact with the world and the images they had gained from abroad, combined with the restless character they had inherited from their parents, made Nikolas and Ioannis realize that the needs of the hairdressing industry were changing. After research and close collaboration with leading hairdressers and stylists, now was the time to penetrate new services in the field.

The decade of 2010 is the period when the experiences and the know-how of the last years are implemented. They are the first to launch the Brazilian Keratin Treatment in Greece and to create beauty salons all over Greece with high quality services and the spearhead of the aforementioned service.

At the same time, they make continuous trips to the largest cities around the world, enriching their product range with new and innovative high-tech products, as exclusive representatives in Greece, while maintaining the therapeutic profile they had created.

The continuous effort and the excellent work are rewarded: in 2019 comes a collaboration - milestone with Mr. Dimitris Giannakopoulos, president of the VIANEX group (pharmaceutical industry with exports worldwide) and DPG MEDIA.

The result of this collaboration is AG KERATINPRO and the creation of the FIRST cannabidiol dye in the world CI3D3D, with nutrients such as argan oil, hydrolyzed keratin etc.

Another milestone is the cooperation with Kerrin/Qiqi Laboratories that enabled the supply of top technology and quality products, while the research and development department meets the specialized needs of customers and offers innovative solutions constantly.

Amgelopoulos Hair Company Κηφισιά
Central store of Kifissia

The Numbers

Today the Group has:
  • 8 privately owned hair salons.
  • 2 Hair Salons with the franchise method.
  • 4 Shop in Shop.
  • 85 staff members.
  • Technical Training Center.
  • Research and Development Center.
  • The No. 1 online store in Greece with over 10 thousand active product codes.
  • 14 Exclusive Dealerships.
  • Exports to 16 countries (Germany, Norway, Poland etc.).

The purpose of the group is to transform all the know-how and specialization it has acquired, into products, treatments, and innovative services, thus perpetuating the concept of its successful course.