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Biutecs Oxygen Therapy

The Biutecs method

This innovative method restores balance and beautifies the hair and face thanks to the use of oxygen. The exclusive combination of BIUTECS technology with specific topical treatments will give a new shine to your face and hair.


The latest BIUTECS devices use 95% pure oxygen. The results are immediately visible

  • Increased ability to penetrate the skin and hair
  • Better absorption of serums and treatments
  • Tissue revascularization
  • Rearrangement of hydrolipids
  • Increased cell activity
  • Rearrangement of hair cuticle scales
NATURE - For naturally beautiful hair

The treatment stimulates and replenishes the necessary trace elements in weak hair that suffers from stress and bad habits. It is designed to give shine and strength to dry and dull hair

BALANCE - Dealing with all the problems of balance of the scalp

Oxygen therapy acts on the skin tissue to restore the balance of the hydrolipid film. This treatment is indicated for cases of seborrhea, dry skin and dandruff

STRENGTH - The strength in your hair

Through oxygen therapy and specific active ingredients, the treatment cycle ensures the proper nutrition of the hair follicle and its gradual strengthening

LUXURY - Complete beauty for hair and face

Complete treatments designed for those who want to restore beauty and shine to their face and hair. The promotion of oxygen and serum with enhancers is an alternative to the most invasive methods of skin regeneration.