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Organic Nanocure 24ct GOLD

This innovative formula is the cutting edge of keratin based smoothing and volume reduction in hair. ORGANIC NANOCURE GOLD is the highest quality  Brazilian Keratin among all types of keratin available today and offers a luxury treatment with 24K gold shavings making it the exclusive choice in high-end salons worldwide. It stands out for the unique results it offers and its effectiveness  earning a well-deserved reputation for producing the most shine, softness but  and excellent management than any other type of keratin.

ORGANIC NANOCURE GOLD increases the effectiveness of keratin by using nano-particles with 24 carat gold. To produce ORGANIC NANOCURE GOLD, we use an innovative 11 step process that refines and concentrates the ingredients to the maximum extent scientifically possible. It is processed with nano-particles. This allows the gold itself to penetrate the hair which, in collaboration with the keratin, brings about a strong yet elegant transformation of the hair.

The composition of keratin together with gold is the evolution of Brazilian keratin.



Keratin Plus Gold is a combination of herbs and organic extracts  with almost 100% content of pure materials which are mixed to form a perfect and balanced product. This combination allows you to get rid of curly, burnt and bulky hair achieving excellent  results by nourishing and extending the strength of the hair fiber. It guarantees shine, softness and visibly healthy hair. Recommended for all hair types.

Due to the international popularity of ORGANIC NANOCURE GOLD, there are now several keratin brands that claim to contain "nano-particle gold" simply by adding small amounts of gold to keratin which does not make them as effective. Only ORGANIC NANOCURE GOLD has the unique knowledge and technical facilities required to process the gold to the  state where it can be effectively combined with the rest of the formula, giving the best possible result that you can meet.