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Brazilian Keratin Treatment


What is keratin?

Keratin is a type of protein with high content in sulfur and cysteine, an amino acid that makes it resistant, flexible and insoluble. Keratin is the main substance that protects hair, skin and nails. It is difficult to extract it without destroying cysteine or compromising its activity.

Nanotec® is a patented process that ensures a non-invasive and effective method to achieve such extraction.

Our keratin comes from pure wool of New Zealand sheep. The wool comes from an area which has been proven to be free of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) and other substances that are connected to various diseases in other parts of the globe. No harm is caused to any animal throughout the Nanotec® process.

How it works?

Our unique ingredient that is made of biopolymers is essentially a “liquid form of hair” that is gently mixed with the hair in your head, both with the inside and the outside of the hair. It provides hair with ingredients that were missing anyway or have been lost due to ageing. Smaller keratin molecules penetrate the hair cortex, enhancing and repairing its quality from inside.

Keratin fills in the gaps between the skin and the hair shaft and then a high temperature flat iron is used to achieve sealing. In this way, curls are reduced and elasticity improves, while hair becomes stronger since the added weight of keratin straightens and tames curly hair.

Larger keratin molecules cover the head skin on the outside and protect it from environmental damage caused by UV radiation, smog and other pollutants.

The authentic Brazilian Keratin Treatment (ΒΚΤ) and the Brazilian Complex Keratin Treatment

Apart from keratin, the Brazilian Complex Keratin Treatment also includes a mix of necessary amino acids, comprising eleven more proteins, cupuacu butter, cocoa butter, mineral oils, proteins from linseed oil and essential oils.

If your client’s hair is too rough, of African type or if they have extremely tight curls, the chocolate formula will have a much more effective outcome, compared to the original formula. The different outcome is a result of the mix of necessary amino acids and various oils, which makes the formula heavier, putting pressure on the hair and straightening it.

Hair dye, highlights and BKT

If your client wishes to dye or highlight their hair, you should do this BEFORE applying Brazilian Keratin Treatment. By dyeing or highlighting hair before BKT, you will prolong the duration of the dye since when you use the hair straightener at 230°C to crystallise the product on the hair, you seal the skin.

For the same reason, you should wait at least 1 or 2 weeks after applying BKT, because the skin will not be porous enough to absorb the dye. Moreover, dye only the roots of the hair rather than the ends, otherwise the intensity of the treatment will be lost.

For permanent dye or highlights

Dye or highlight the hair, as you usually do. When washing the hair, use the cleaning/pre-treatment shampoo and then apply BKT.

Semi-permanent dye

When using a semi-permanent dye, the dye stays on the outside of the skin so first use the cleaning/pre-treatment shampoo and then the semi-permanent dye. Wash out the dye with water only and then apply the Brazilian Keratin Treatment.
In order to apply the dye after BKT, you MUST wait at least 1 to 2 weeks in order for the skin to become porous enough to absorb it.

Unprocessed hair (that has not been dyed before or has not undergone any chemical process)

Unprocessed hair is less porous than dyed hair or hair that has undergone any other chemical process. This is why we recommend washing the hair 3 times using a shampoo and a mixture of two equal parts of pre-treatment shampoo and 20 volume peroxide, which will help the hair become more porous, allowing for better absorption of the product. If you don’t, the results of the first Brazilian Keratin Treatment may not be particularly successful.

Attention: The second time, add 20 vol. hydrogen peroxide to open up the hair pores and allow keratin to penetrate, because the hair cuticles might be still “sealed” from the first application of BKT.


Nanocure Brazilian Keratin Treatment Products

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Brazilian Keratin Treatment 5-step process

Wash hair twice with the Claryfing Shampoo and leave the shampoo on the head for 5–10 minutes in order to help open up the hair cuticles and allow keratin molecules to penetrate.
Dry the hair without combing or brushing. You may freely dry it until you make sure it is completely dry. It is very important for the hair to be completely dry and without any moisture before you apply the product.

Start applying at least 30–50 ml of product to treat medium length hair (adjust the quantity depending on the length of the hair).

Important note: Shake well the bottle and pour the liquid into a bowl. Divide hair in 3 parts using a medium comb. Apply the product about 2–3 cm from the head skin (don’t worry, keratin will penetrate the hair and reach the root) and comb the hair shaft downwards. Divide in sections of one or two cm each, apply the product using a silicone brush or a tint brush (as you would do for the hair dye) and then comb this clump of hair (using a comb with small teeth) in order for the product to spread along the hair. Remove excess product. Do first the back of the head and finish with the sides.

Do not put too much product on the hair to avoid wasting it. Leave the product on the hair for 10 minutes or more (depending on how curly the hair is).

You will need a hair dryer for this step. It is very important to set the hair dryer at medium or cold temperature.

DO NOT use high temperature at this step. Using a hair brush, start from the neck and dry out the product, moving upwards and inwards from the sides, until the entire head is dry. Never turn the hair dryer towards the client’s face to avoid sending any odour or mist their way. At this step, you don't have to focus on straightening the hair, just drying it. Dry the hair completely.

Remove your gloves. You will need a hair straightener that can reach a temperature of 230°C (important for the process). Get your client to wear the earmuffs. Divide the hair in three large parts.

Starting from the area of the neck, separate a section of two centimetres. Use the hair straightener at 230°C. To finish your work, you may use it on each section until you achieve the desired glow and smoothness.

Pay ATTENTION particularly to the front hair/fringe, which is thinner and more sensitive.

Style the client's hair as they wish.

You MUST advise your clients not to wash their hair for 24 to 72 hours after the treatment. In this period of time, they are not allowed to wet their hair (including sweating during exercise, shower, bath, etc.).


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